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FREE Coloring And Activity Sheets From Big Hero Six For The Whole Family

Just in time for Thanksgiving come these amazing FREE Coloring And Activity Sheets From Big Hero Six For The Whole Family!

Baymax Happy Thanksgiving


The turkey is cooking, smells of freshly baked pies are drifting through the house, the parades are over and the kids are, well being kids with cries of “There’s nothing to do!” So just how do you keep them occupied until it’s time to feast? With these great activities from Walt Disney Animation Studios “Big Hero 6,” the action-packed comedy-adventure about a special bond that develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax and prodigy Hiro Hamada and the most unlikely band of friends turned high-tech super heroes.  Simply right click on the ones you want to save to your own computer.  And to quote our friend Baymax “Balalalala”  to you and your family!


Big Hero 6 Coloring Sheets



#BigHero6 Coloring Pages page-1












How To Draw Baymax


How To Draw Hiro Hamada


Baymax Holiday Bulb Craft

 #BigHero6 Activity 1

Character Cut Out Holiday Ornament

 #BigHero6 Activity 3

Baymax Door Hanger



#BigHero6 Activity 4 


Or better yet, take the family to see “Big Hero 6” this weekend!


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