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Free Activities For Kids-Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk With Kid’s Korner

Kid’s Korner 

Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

Ivan Kid's Korner Sidewalk Chalk
With summer quickly winding down and school just around the corner, what better way to keep the kids entertained than with sidewalk chalk?  Sidewalk chalk can provide hours of entertainment, and it’s a great way to ease your way back into school by reviewing letters, numbers all while allowing that artistic side to come to the forefront. No need to run down to the store to buy a bucket of chalk because this week at summer camp we are going to be making our own.
You can get everything you need for this project from a craft or art supply store and around the house.  

Materials Needed:

Plaster of Paris
Powdered Tempera Paint
Mixing Bowl 
     Ice cube trays in different shapes such as stars, fish or animals make great molds for chalk. No specialty molds or trays on hand- try using toilet paper rolls.  To make them thinner, just cut a seam, overlap the edges, and tape together.
Kid's Korner Sidewalk Chalk Molds

For every cup of plaster of Paris, use 3/4 cup of water.  Add in as much powdered tempera as you like, and then be prepared to start stirring. You may need to do some experimentation with the colors. The more paint you add, the brighter and more vivid the colors will be.Pour the mixture into your molds.  For fun, mix up a few different colors, and swirl them together!  You can use a plastic knife to level off the top of the molds.  

Be Careful Not To Pour The Plaster Down The Drain


When cleaning up, it’s important to note that pouring the plaster down your sink is not a good mix-unless you want to be calling for a plumber to come for a visit. In the way that the plaster hardens in the molds, that’s the same thing that will happen to your pipes. Take a container like a small waste bin, and line it with a plastic bag.  Pour in some water, and use this as a sink to rinse everything – all materials, your hands, everything!    Let the plaster set up in the bottom, and the water will rise to the top.  Once it’s settled, you can pour off the water from the top, leaving the plaster undisturbed. Then all you need to do is throw everything away.

Kid's Korner Sidewalk chalk drawing
Drying time will vary, depending on size of the molds you use and the weather. It can take anywhere from a few hours to overnight.  It’s pretty easy to tell by look and feel when the chalk will be ready to be taken out of the molds.  If you find you’ve removed the chalk too early, there’s no need to worry. Just let it air dry until it’s hardened.  Now the only thing that is left is to go outside, enjoy the great weather and make some art!
Kid's Korner Sidewalk Chalk D23 Ursula