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Because Calories Consumed On Disney Cruises Do Not Count-The Wondrous Eating Guide Of The Disney Wonder #DisneySMMC

It’s been at least two hours since my last meal, I think I’ll get something to eat! When you’re on a cruise that’s the daily mantra and a Disney Cruise takes it up a few notches in true Disney fashion.

On the Disney Wonder there are always open drink stations, places to get pizza, burgers, hot dogs, fries, soft serve ice cream, fruit, croissants, and pastries at all hours but the main places to do your eating are at Cabanas for incredible breakfast and lunch buffets with an ocean view and of course, the three crown jewels of your culinary experience, Tiana’s Place, Triton’s, and Animator’s Palate.

Cabanas has something for everyone at its’ amazing breakfast and lunch buffet spreads. For breakfast there are scrambles eggs, hash browns, an omelet station, every variety of bread in existence, pancakes, muffins, 

Mickey waffles, a huge variety of fruits and cereals and the list goes on. Juices, latte, cappuccino, espresso and every other drink you’d like round out the morning menu. For lunch there are soups, salad bar, seafood bar, steaks and chops, stir fries, burgers, fries, carved meats, all manner of veggies and tons more to whet your appetite. The buffet line is practically endless and the ocean view is incredible.You will definitely not go away hungry from Cabanas.


Dinner on the Disney Wonder features rotational dining. You get to rotate through the three main restaurants each night and your wait staff follows along with you. There are two seatings each night. On a Disney Cruise the wait staff is just as special as any other character or cast member. They are friendly, personable, highly professional, part of the performance, and change outfits every night to suit the venue. By the second night our personal wait staff knew that I needed two ice teas to get through the meal and exactly how our steaks should be cooked. They ended up being like family.


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Tiana’s Place features Louisiana inspired dishes with live Dixieland music and, of course, is hosted by Tiana herself.From shrimp and girts to seabass and jambalaya ending up with beignets and chocolate sauce there’s plenty of French Quarter inspired down home cooking to keep you satisfied. Not to mention the dinner show in which the entire wait staff joins in and performs.



Triton’s features sit-down breakfast and lunch service if you’d like an alternative to the buffet at Cabanas but it’s at dinner that it really shines. Triton’s features an emphasis on classic French cuisine. From duck confit to French onion soup to chateaubriand to a classic opera gateau, the culinary experience is fabulous and the ocean view from our table was breathtaking.





Animator’s Palate turned out to be a wonderful culmination to our Disney Wonder cruise experience. The walls of the dining room are covered in black and white drawings from famous Disney animated films that slowly change over the course of the evening and by the main course it becomes an engrossing dinner show in its own right. The food is California fusion featuring asian and pacific island flavors infusing the freshest of ingredients. My meal included black truffle pasta, baked potato and cheddar soup, a ginger-teriyaki beef tenderloin and lemon icebox cake.

Needless to say it was outstanding. But the real surprise was the virtually indescribable animated dinner show going on all around us. Gradually, almost without our noticing the animated wall paintings went from black and white to color, the music swelled, and the drama from practically every Disney animated feature played out around us. As the characters from beloved Disney films went through an accelerated version of their story arcs the music matched the movements perfectly. And just when our favorite characters’ plights looked darkest the unmistakeable strains of Fantasmic played with Sorcerer Mickey himself appearing live in the middle of the room surrounded by our entire wait staff dancing through the aisles to thunderous applause to end the performance. It was a wonderful way to end a truly delicious meal and an amazing voyage.