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Easy To Make For Halloween- Madame Leota’s Treats

Looking for easy to make for Halloween ideas? You’ve come to the right place because these spooktacular treats are not only bootiful but errrily easy to create.  Have you seen the housekeeping in the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World? Dusty cobwebs in every nook and cranny.

Madame Leota Haunted Mansion Walt Disney World Disneyland

  Madame Leota is far to busy spooking and serving her  “visiting” friends than to clean the mansion.  With 999 ghosts residing and room for one more, it’s no wonder she has time to oil the doom buggies or wash the dishes in the ballroom.   Where there are cobwebs there are spiders,  Lots of them.  Here is a spooktacular Madame Leota inspired dessert perfect for your child’s classroom parties.


I used box mixes as I have 30 to make!

1.  To make the spider web first use black icing and make rings on the cupcake.  Think of a target symbol. I made a few different types to try.

Madame Leota's Halloween Treats

2.  Use a toothpick to form the webs.  Start in the center and draw a “line” to the edge of the cupcake.  It will form a web.  No need for neatness as a spider will be sitting on it!

Madame Leota's Halloween Treats

3.  You will want to make the spider right on top of the cupcake but I demonstrated on the plates below.  To make the spider, make a “snowflake/asterisk” like  below and place a junior mint of top.  Use a peppermint patty if you want a super size arachnid!

Madame Leota's Halloween Treats

Madame Leota's Halloween Treats

4.  Spiders can have many eyes so you can get creative on this part.  Some craft stores even sell candy eyes.  I use white icing and candies to make them and placed a plastic spider in the middle.

Madame Leota's Halloween Treats

 5.  If you have to make 30 of them you are better off using plastic spiders or rings but your family will deserve the edible ones!

photo 1 (3)


 These treats are easy enough to make for any visiting ghoul or goblin! Not even a hitchhiking ghost could pass these Spooktacular treats up! SO much for not dusting your cobwebs! What are your goto easy to make for Halloween treats?