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Easily Stay Safe On The Road With The Uniden R7 Radar Detection Now At @BestBuy @Uniden_America #Uniden #ad

Whether you have a brand new driver in your family or your job finds you on the go all week on, there’s nothing more important than staying safe while you’re on the road and now you can easily stay safe on the road with the Uniden R7 Radar Detection now at Best Buy.

Detection System Best Buy

We’ve all been there whether it’s driving hundreds of miles for work each week, or being a parent of a newly licensed teen driver and more than anything else safety is always on your mind but some days are more difficult than others not to want to get home or to work or to the movies “just a little bit sooner” than others and that’s where this incredible new radar tracking system makes sure you get to where you’re going safely and soundly. Think of it like having your mom or dad sitting in the passenger seat right next to you, always keeping a watchful eye on the speedometer, but in a non-panicked helpful way. That’s exactly what it’s like to have the new Uniden R7 System in your car. It’s just like having that extra set of watchful eyes that you new realized you needed until now and once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Detection System Best Buy

The Uniden R7 radar tracks up to four signals simultaneously for greater awareness as you drive. It’s so much more than a way to avoid speeding tickets but more importantly with this Uniden R7 radar detector, you’ll always know that your speed or the speed of a loved one has that extra layer of protection because it helps to remind you to stay within the limits.  The large OLED display includes arrows that identify the direction of incoming threats and change color on a scale of green to red to indicate the signal’s strength. This is the device you’ve been waiting for, monitoring any speed that you set and then from there, the device will do the work for you and will actually let you know when you go above that speed. Think about that for a moment-something that you can set that gives you the advantage of arriving safely to where you are going without you having to continually check which in turns makes sure that your focus remains on the business at hand and that, of course, is being a safe and responsible driver. It really is just like having mom or dad right next to you in the passenger seat with their gentle reminders to slow down.

Detection System Best Buy

The Uniden R7 Radar Detection System Includes:

  • Voice notifications| Allow you to focus on the road
  • Works with most vehicles| Get real-time alerts in your existing vehicle.
  • Color OLED display| The easy-to-see information display provides a clear view.
  • Long-range detection| High sensitivity on all conventional and instant-on radar bands.
  • K-Filter and Ka-Filter| Filter noise from the K and Ka bands to prevent false detections.

The Uniden R7 Radar Detector allows you to continuously and easily monitor your speed and thanks to the voice notification and MAX speed warning system, you’ll be able to instantly hear when you exceed the preset speed without taking your eyes off the road which enables you to maintain a safe driving speed. The Uniden R7 Radar Detector directional arrows show you where the radar signal where a radar detection signal is originating from and thanks to the large screen allows you to quickly and easily read the information while allowing you to maintain focus on the road ahead. Thanks to the new Uniden R7 Radar Detector you’ll be able to have that extra layer of safety because it helps you to not only monitor your speed but set your own top speed limit and then alert you when you go above that speed. It gives you that extra peace of mind that you need, especially in today’s driving conditions.

Detection System Best Buy

Whether you’re looking for that perfect graduation or Father’s Day gift or that little something extra for the new driver in your family or are seeking that enhanced safety solution for your family when you’re on the road, then head to Best Buy and pick up the Uniden R7 Radar Detection System today. Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever drove without before.


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