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The Do’s and Don’ts of Dining at CHEF MICKEY’s At Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort

A BIG SPLURGE was in order when we counted out the DISNEY DINING change jars!  We had saved $280.00 in change and it was time to decide what to do and where to eat.  During our Disney vacations, we usually wake up early and enjoy a character breakfast.

Chef Mickey's Character Dining Walt Disney World Resort


 During our Disney vacations, we usually wake up early and enjoy a character breakfast.  Breakfast is more affordable than lunch or dinner but this time we were thinking BIG!  We decided to make a reservation for dinner with our classic friends Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck!   CHEF MICKEY’s is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort right off the monorail and this is a family fun dining experience that CAN NOT BE MISSED!

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DO  book your dining as soon as you are able to!  If you are staying on site at a Disney resort you will be able to book your dining reservations 180 days prior to your trip.  This will enable you to carefully select the day and time that will be ideal.  We took advantage of this and got the date and time we wanted.   This reservation is popular but not impossible to get but try to book as early as you can!  FYI: We were at Magic Kingdom and it took less than five minutes to take the monorail to the Contemporary Resort!

DON’T wear tight clothing!  Chef Mickey’s is an ALL YOU CAN EAT/ I’M GETTING MY MONEY’S WORTH BUFFET.   Dresses or elastic waistband shorts, pants, sweats are a MUST!  I found myself wishing that I had brought a pair of maternity pants.  I found my husband wishing he had maternity pants as well.

DO try to book your dinner at the first seating which is 5 pm.  We arrived at 4:45 for our reservation clad in our matching shirts.  My dream almost came true when the hostess asked my handsome carefully coordinated boys if they wanted to cut the red ribbon, greet Mickey and escort him in for the opening.  My oldest said “No thanks we’re shy”.  I tried to work my Disney Mojo to get them to reconsider but the damage was done.  My husband pried me away from the hostess stand and I promised to get a remote control with a “mute” button for our next vacation!  A Mickey cocktail helped me get over this pretty quickly.  

Chef Mickey's Character Dining Walt Disney World Resort

DON’T make fast passes for Space Mountain or any other fast and turbulent rides for after dinner.  Remember it is a costly all you can eat buffet!  We were pleasantly surprised at the food quality and variety and frequented the food area several times.  We waddled out from dinner, collapsed on the monorail and did use our fast passes for Space Mountain and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train after.  But one of us barely made it (Hence the reason he wants maternity pants next time)! Plan  a leisurely stroll down Main Street followed by a relaxing Small World boat ride instead.

DO wear matching clothing!  Why?  Chances of seeing anyone you know is slim and when else is your family going to let you dress the same?  I recommend this for other character dining experiences so when you buy or make those t-shirts, buy or make in bulk!  Check out the photo; these are not that bad!

Chef Mickey's Character Dining Walt Disney World Resort

 DON’T miss out on autographs and family photos by hitting the buffet too many times.  Get your food quickly as the characters come around the room one table at a time.  You should be able to time your second trip up to the buffet and be back in just the nick of time.  The gang will pose for pictures, sign autographs and rub Dad’s bald head!  They also parade around the room and dance.  Make sure you join them!  We were not rushed a bit and felt we had all the time we needed!

Do enjoy the experience and the meal – every last bite.  Our favorites were the cheese laden mashed potatoes, mickey mouse ravioli, and lobster mac and cheese.  Do visit the dessert table – everything is  bite size so fill your plate!

DON’T look at the bill when it comes!  When you realize your 10 year old “Disney adult” ate a roll, two chicken nuggets and a piece of fruit for $58.99 it might lose some of the “Disney” magic.   Just whip out your magic band and match your Mickey to Mickey to pay!  

Chef Mickey's Character Dining Walt Disney World Resort

Remember the smiles and laughter at your table, the potential pictures you got for your Christmas card and a few more scribbles in the autograph book!  CHEF MICKEY’S is more than just a place to eat;  it’s a place to make memories for years to come… and by then you’ll have your trip paid off and a new return adventure planned!