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Easy To Make Disney Princess Tee-Shirts With Cricut Iron-ons

Today we’ll show you easy to make Disney Princess Tee-Shirts with Cricut iron-ons! I have been swooning over all the super creative custom shirts I have been seeing at the Disney Parks lately! Serious-time and energy is being devoted to making picture-perfect memories. Four Disney loving moms four moms are ready to have our first post-baby Mother’s day trip so our first response is to pull out the Cricut Explore and get to work and create our very own Disney Princess tee-shirts with Cricut. 

Mom's Trip with our custom shirts. Made with Cricut Explore.

Months ago we knew we wanted to do a group photo with some sort of custom shirt. I went to my local store and selected four black tanks that would flatter us and would also take the heat transfer. I personally recommend one high in cotton but as always please check the heat transfer material’s recommendation prior adhering to the material!  While I have some artistic skills, I did not make the stencils myself. I know shame on me! But there are several Etsy shops out there that sell custom files for use with the Cricut. I have yet to be disappointed and love the customer service they have given for support with files that wouldn’t load or font issues.

Princess Tee-Shirts with Cricut iron-ons it was a perfect cut with the Cricut Explore.

So now I have my files (or images), shirts, and my heat transfer glitter vinyl.  By the way, selecting an “easy weed” vinyl will make the project go some much more smoothly! I measured my shirt to ensure that the image wasn’t too large or small for the shirt. A small image on a large shirt would look wonky and we can’t have that! Just like any woodworking project measure twice cut once. For the Ariel shirt, I used the Cricut Design Space Pixar cartridge for Finding Nemo and added some individual bubbles so it looked like she was performing ‘Under the Sea’.

Making Magical Memories! We all got our Captain's Licenses!

Making Magical Memories! We all got our Captain’s Licenses!

After you finish measuring, resize the image within the Cricut Design Space. Once you have your image ready to cut you just need to follow the prompts. The Cricut Explore is so smart that when you set the dial to the material you are cutting it will even ask you if you need to cut it in a mirror image. The Cricut Design Space even allows you to drag the image around the vinyl layout prior to cutting. So if you want to be conservative and get more uses out of the vinyl you can.

Team Pink or Team Blue? We still love Aurora or Briar Rose. Princess Tee-Shirts with Cricut iron-ons

Next is the most time-consuming part, this is all dependent on the material though. The easy weeding vinyl did go really fast and it came with the transfer material attached and ironed on beautifully! I have to say that I really really really love this product. (I don’t know if I am truly expressing my deep love for the Explore!)

Ariel and Aurora, if we could only find Mulan!


Having these shirts made this trip truly special. From the character interaction to how other guests at the parks reacted to the shirts. I can’t count how many people complimented us on our shirts! Where will our shirts take us next? Well, rumor has it a plan for Disneyland Paris is underway, wonder if we can get matching berets? Now that you know just how easy it is to create your own Disney Princess tee-shirts with the Cricut, what will you create?

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