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Disney Ornaments for the Holidays: From Hands, Home and Heart

Looking for unique gift ideas for the holidays?  Here are a few activities for hands of any age to create at home. Now you can make your own Disney Ornaments and give a gift that is from the Hands, Home, and Heart just in time for the holidays.

Trim the tree with Mickey and Minnie ornaments:


I purchased a box of red and a box of hot pink ornaments at a local craft store along with black and white paint.  I also picked out ribbon, buttons, rhinestones and black pom poms.


1. First,  paint the top half of each ornament black.  I rested the ornaments on small paper cups to dry.

photo 1 (1)

2.  On the bottom half of the “Minnie” ornament painted white polka dots (I used q-tips) Then place them back in the cups to dry.  On the “Mickey ornaments glue on two white buttons for his pants.

3.  Glue on two black pom poms on top of each ornament for mouse ears.  Attach ribbon on top to hang on the tree!

4.  Make pink bows for Minnie and I used a rhinestone to fasten them!  Minnie loves BLING!

photo 2

From hands to home with lots of heart!