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#DinoWeek Dining with “Dis – Extinction” at the T-Rex Cafe

With The Good Dinosaur by Disney*Pixar coming to theaters November 25th, I am bringing this article back written in the Jurassic Era! This is a place you will not want to miss when you visit Walt Disney World.  It is a favorite of my own dino loving family!

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Calling all paleontologists!  Take a trip back in time to the prehistoric era  at the T-Rex Cafe located  in Disney Springs.  Once your adventure begins you will be emerged with your favorite dinosaur friends like triceratops, velociraptors and a 15 foot T-Rex!  You can gather under the sea, in the forest , near a volcano or in the ice cave (our favorite) to dine with your favorite prehistoric friends and encounter a meteor shower or two  throughout your dining experience!.

My own budding scientists have a soft spot of woolly mammoths and other ice age species so we requested to sit in the Ice Cave” and we were seated right next to a pair  of mammoths!

photo 3 (5)In the “Ice Cave” everything glows different colors.  In fact, when I called to make a reservation for this particular area of the restaurant, the host said many people request to not sit in the ice room due to the bright colors that are bothersome. We like “living on the edge – so the “Ice Cave” it was for us!

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The menu looks more like a short novel with choices for even the pickiest eaters (hmm.. see above picture)  All the choices have catchy prehistoric names that are both fun and entertaining to read!  We started with the SUPERSAURUS SAMPLER which included BRACHIOSAURUS BRUSHETTA, ONION RINGS, T-REXADILLAS, and CHILI/CHIPS.  We had MEGA-MES-O-BONES (spare ribs) and a BRONTO BURGER.  The kids had JURASSIC CHICKEN TIDBITS, dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets (the usual) and we saved room for dessert.  Since it was one of my son’s birthday we splurged with the SABER TOOTH SUNDAES! The atmospher was amazing, the food was great and the dessert sent us soaring like Pterodactyls through the Triassic Period!

This is one place that you have to try before you become EXTINCT!

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Look for Arlo and his family on your next visit!