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Some Days at Disney Are Just Bad-Unless You Know The Secret – One Mom’s Whine

Yesterday was the first day of my Disney trip. As I sat out front at the resort waiting for my daughter to pick me up two other guests and I started to talk. The lady seemed a little down. I realized why when she asked me “Are you leaving today too?”.

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Luckily I was able to say no, it was actually the first day of my trip. I did share with her my secret for making the last day of the trip not quite so depressing – go ahead and book that next trip before you check out! Not only will you feel excited to have a plan to come back, Disney will usually offer you a discount! But you have to book BEFORE you check out! Bad day turned into a not so bad day!!Bounce-Back

And there are other bad days at Disney. Some days are absolutely magical and everything single thing you do turns even more magical than you even thought possible! And then the next day just can’t compare to the absolute magic you had the day before! But if every day was perfect you’d never appreciate that extra special magical day!


If you have small children you have definitely had a bad Disney day in your life! Or at least a partial bad day! Disney is absolutely magical and mesmerizing! But it can also be very tiring! And that goes for everyone! Try not to plan breakfast reservations for the same day you plan to do nighttime events and fireworks. Or if you do be sure to plan a break during the day!Magic Kingdom Celebrates a Star-Spangled July Fourth

It’s been said before and it’s very true, a bad day at Disney is better than a normal day almost anywhere else! So get out there and enjoy those good and those bad days at Disney!

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Not sure I’m really happy with this Whine, so feel free to use yours and I’ll try to improve on this! By the time I was able to sit down and type this up I was so tired I couldn’t remember what I had going in my head early in the day! We logged over 7 miles today and I’m beat! We did Epcot and I’m just not a huge fan of that park some days! Plus jessica was tired and not in a great mood today, which I’m used to, but it was a little bit of a buzz kill after yesterday! I’m am headed to bed for now! Last day tomorrow and we saved the best for last! Chewie hugs!!! Sorry for the real whining you’re having to listen to from me! We really have had a great trip. Weather couldn’t be any better! I’m dreading going home to the cold on Friday!! Hope you’ve had a good day too!