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Quick And Easy Mother’s Day Gift Any Mom Will Love With The Cricut Explore

When it comes to getting mom something special for Mother’s Day it can be a challenge. You don’t want to repeat last years mistake of new pots and pans! Make mom something that she will cherish year after year and will always hold a special meaning for her. I, like many mothers out there, love the idea of the quotes on the wall. Things to inspire, aspire to, and even just make us remember why family is so important. I have everything from Lilo & Stitch’s Ohana quote to Audrey Hepburn’s take on beauty.  Each makes me rethink things just enough that eventually they stick. So this project is perfect for this mom because she loves it! I hope you will too! Let’s get started!

Here is what our finished project looks like:

Mother's Day project made with Cricut Explore

Mother’s Day project made with Cricut Explore


The first thing you will need to do is go into your Cricut Design Space. There I typed the quote that I wanted displayed on my canvas.

The quote used is from Peter Pan where Wendy Darling is talking to the Lost Boys. Select whatever quote fits the mom in your life. Or maybe switch a word out to make it perfect. For example in Dumbo “precious to me. sweet as can be. baby of mine.” Take baby out and insert Mother and you have the same sweet song but from baby to mommy! Make this work for the lady in your life!

Bulldozing the paint around!

Bulldozing the paint around!

The next step was ensuring the letter size would work for the canvas that we had selected. The one picture is a 12″x24″ and we wanted the letters to be slightly wonky coming from the 3 and 16 month old. Life is a little messy with them and so we are ok with it not being perfect, but it is to us. Once you have your design set you will cut it on to vinyl. Make sure it is removable from the canvas and I highly recommend using their transfer tape to ease the project. My kids loved watching the Cricut cut the vinyl. They were mesmerized by its magic, as was I! How could I live without it! cricutmothersday

Apply your letters to the canvas and create palates for the the kids! We collected a few of their washable and favorite toys for this. We had a hot-wheels car, monster truck, Duplo block, and a toy shovel. We then assisted them in dipping the wheels and blocks in the paint and let them place the paint wherever they wanted on the canvas! Once the letters were totally covered we let it dry while we cleaned up the kids.

Mother's Day project made with Cricut Explore and little hands & feet!

Mother’s Day project made with Cricut Explore and little hands & feet!

Once dry we used the weeding tools and removed the letters. I didn’t push the letters down firmly enough for my kids but that was a lesson learned. I love this project because I see the toy lines and the toe prints and finger smudges and it tell the story of where they are right now at this age in this moment.

Mother's Day project made with Cricut Explore.

Mother’s Day project made with Cricut Explore.

One that we can not hold on to forever and am glad to proudly hang on my walls for many years to come. Thank you Cricut for such a great tool to use in making these wonderful crafts that hold such wonderful memories!