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Countdown to Halloween Calendar- When Is A Witch Hat Not A Witch Hat?

Today our Countdown To Halloween Calendar continues with this quick and easy way to upcycle something found in every Halloween household- the Witch Hat. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s the perfect last minute solution that’s easy on the budget.  When I get ready for Halloween I need options. I take out the containers full of the wonders of Halloween and I look at them and decide how I can make each item a little more fabulous than last year. However, there is always one item that I look at and often toss to the side not having any real purpose for, the classic Witch hat. I have found them after Halloween for as cheap as $1.50 and have collected a few over the years. So now they sit in the container for a year only for me to not have a clue what to do with them. I know I can do better! All three projects require a great Witch hat, black posterboard, Elmer’s Spray adhesive, either tape or a stapler, and scissors. This is a quick project that everyone will love as our Countdown to Halloween Calendar continues.

witchhat 1

Step 1) Divide the poster board into thirds. I have 3 hats and thirds allow for the perfect length to support my hats. If you have a larger hat you will need to adjust your measurements.

Step 2) Curl the poster board into itself to make a cone shape. Then either use tape or a stapler to secure the cone into its shape. Tip: Check to make sure your cone will fit properly inside your hat.

witchhat 2



witchhat 3

Step 3:) Once you make sure that the cone fits, trim the excess poster board. Spray with Spray Adhesive and push into the hat. DO THIS QUICKLY! It adheres fast!!!

witchhat 4 witchhat 5 witchhat 6

Now it’s decision time! Do you want to make a game of the great hats, make them appear as though they are floating in air or make them Minnie Witch inspired? First lets go with Minnie!

I took my own ears and traced them on some foam sheeting I had on hand.


witchhat 7

witchhat 8

Then I trimmed them down so the angles would match the hat. I added some purple ribbon with a bow and then hot glued everything into place. When its done you can add what you like to make it perfect!



witchhat 9

witchhat 10

witchhat 11

For floating witch hats just attach clear filament (fishing line) through the top of the hat and use clear tape or foam adhesive squares to attach to your ceiling.  I like to hand them at varying lengths for a stylish look.

For those needing last minute party games for kids use these as “cones” for doing a ring toss game. Set on the floor and make each hat worth different points. Use colorful foam numbers to attach to the side and grabs some small wooden hoops or rings and its game on.

If you do one project with them this year you can re-purpose them next year with a whole new take! This was a quick project, total 5-10 minutes! Enjoy!

Stay tuned tomorrow when Countdown To Halloween Calendar shows you how to create some Spooktacular last minute Halloween Snacks-perfect for any school party or at home that can all be created in 15 minutes or less and for under $10.