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Close Out The Summer With Our Magical Unicorn Desserts

It’s hard to believe it’s already August but there’s still time to close out the summer with our Magical Unicorn Desserts.  Unicorn desserts have become extremely popular over the last few years.

Close Out The Summer With Our Magical Unicorn Desserts


Unicorns, in general, have become popular so it only makes sense that the desserts are right behind them in popularity. It’s no surprise though because unicorns are cute, fun, and kind of those mystical creatures that everyone loves. Even throughout Disney, the magic of unicorns can be found everywhere from everyone’s favorite, Rainbow Unicorn from

Close Out The Summer With Our Magical Unicorn Desserts

Pixar’s Inside Out to mouth-watering Unicorn Cupcakes, that are so magical you won’t want to eat it but you will. Pair any of our fun recipes with your favorite Disney movie such as Inside Out or Onward, and you have the perfect way to close out the summer with our magical Unicorn Desserts. When you mix the cuteness with the sweet, it makes for a delicious fun dessert that you can’t get enough of.

Close Out The Summer With Our Magical Unicorn Desserts

If you are looking for some tasty unicorn desserts that would be great for summer parties, birthday parties, or other gatherings, these would make the perfect addition to any event.

Unicorn Cupcakes


These unicorn cupcakes are easy to make with white cake mix. The cupcakes have a homemade icing that is tasty and cute.

No Bake Unicorn Cheesecake


These easy no bake cheesecakes are perfect for any celebration when you need to bring in a little unicorn fun!

Unicorn Dessert Pizza



This tasty unicorn pizza dessert has a chocolate chip cookie crust and is topped with colorful marshmallows, sprinkles, and icing.

Unicorn Fudge


Unicorn fudge is perfect for parties or family gatherings, it’s an easy finger-food dessert that everyone will love.

Unicorn Pudding Cups


More like treats for kids, these unicorn pudding cups can be served at summer parties or birthday events as a tasty dessert.

Galaxy Unicorn Cake



This fun dark galaxy unicorn cake is an easy to make dessert that everyone will love. If you’re serving during a party, this fancy cake will make a great centerpiece!

Unicorn Cheesecake Bars


These cheesecake bars are a mix between sugar cookies and cheesecake and are decorated in fun sprinkles and colors that’s fitting for any unicorn theme.

Gluten Free Unicorn Cake


This gluten free unicorn cake is made with a strawberry puree that’s topped with a sweet icing. It’s an easy cake to make and it’s super fun and tasty!

Unicorn Cookie Cups


These cute little cookie cups are fun, and bite sized. The treats are perfect for any unicorn themed party.

Unicorn Graham Crackers


A super easy dessert to make, these unicorn graham crackers make great treats that are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Unicorn Sandwich Cookies




Cake mix is used to create the cookies in these sandwich desserts. Inside the two cookies is a sweet and delicious icing.

Unicorn Ice Cream Cake


A great version of the famous ice cream cake we all know, this delicious unicorn ice cream cake is the ultimate unicorn dessert!

Close Out The Summer With Our Magical Unicorn Desserts

How will you finish out August as the countdown is on to back-to-school? It’s easy to close out the summer with our Magical Unicorn Desserts. What’s your favorite Unicorn treat?