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Cheers to New Years! Cocktail and Mock-tail Recipes To Ring In 2022

Cheers to New Year! Cocktail and Mock-tail Recipes and we have the perfect recipes to ring in the New Year. Have I ever mentioned my love of Champagne? No! Shame on me! It is true, while I love wine, I adore champagne. All those bubbles!!! When I have bottomless mimosa brunches I seem to always have an abundance of OJ leftover. So when it comes to the holiday of all holidays for Champagne you can count me in! I love it! So with New Year right around the corner, I have your 2022 ultimate list of cocktails. For all the sober chauffeurs I have you covered! All the class without the hangover!

Cocktails with 15 or less ingredients for 5 Cocktail and Mock-tail mixes!


Must Haves:

Champagne (I am opting for La Marca Prosecco)

Grapefruit Juice



Lemon Lime soda

Cotton Candy (YUM!)

Sparkling Rose (if still add sparkling water or soda)


Cherry soda or syrup


Triple Sec

Optional (Garnishes)

Lemons, limes, cinnamon sticks, and cherries.


The Sparkling Paloma 

The traditional is tequila, grapefruit juice, and a twist of lime. I wanted something more classy for my New Year’s Party! So I dressed this up for the party and do 1 part Champagne, 1 part tequila finish with grapefruit and lemon peel or lime wedge to garnish.

Mock-tail version: un-Paloma

One part grapefruit, finish with Lemon-Lime soda and garnish with lemon peel or lime wedge

Cheers to New Years! Cocktail and Mock-tail Recipes To Ring In 2022

Champagne Margarita 

One part champagne, one part tequila, half shot of triple sec and top with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with sugar rim and wedge of lime.

Mock-tail version: lemon-lime soda with fresh lime juice. Garnish with sugar rim and wedge of lime.

Hot Cider

HOT! Cider










HOT! Cider

Fireball is the ingredient of the year, so why not invite this warm ingredient into the mix! Plus for all those party-goers needing to heat things up this will definitely do the trick! Take your spiced hot apple cider and drop a shot of fireball into the mix, garnish with a cinnamon stick! Hold the warm glass and enjoy!

Mock-tail version: Hot Cider with a cinnamon stick


Dancing Rose

This classy cocktail will look amazing while you dance the night away! One part vodka, two parts Sparkling Rose, garnish with a cherry. All the booze, not short on flavor!

Mock-tail version: Cherry soda with Lemon-Lime soda (50-50) and garnish with a cherry. (If using syrup add to lemon-lime soda for similar flavor). This one is great, think classy Cherry-7-Up!



Sugar POP! Cocktail Cheers to New Years! Cocktail and Mock-tail Recipes To Ring In 2022


Sugar POP!

This one will give you a sugar rush!  Fill a champagne glass with cotton candy and pour in the champagne! ENJOY!

Mock-tail version: Fill glass with cotton candy fill with soda. I like the vanilla with the cherry soda or the raspberry with lemon-lime soda.

We had a blast putting this together for you! Sampling all are hard work was such a chore!!! Hope that your family has a happy and safe New Year!


I hope your New Year is Fabulous!!!  CHEERS!!!