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Best Known “Unknown” Secret at Disneyland – The Disneyland Baby Care Center


Like a true Disney lover, I began taking my son to Disneyland and California Adventure at the ripe old age of one. Yes, he has been gifted an early love of all things Disney. This led to one very lucky and happy kid, the same could not be said for this mom. The stress of taking my one and only child to Disneyland was overwhelming. My anxiety about the potential crowds and things to pack was too much for me and as the days neared it got worse. What if I lost him? What if I forgot to pack enough diapers for the day? The list was much longer and only grew. But, I soon discovered my new favorite place, sorry Fantasyland! The Baby Center and Lost Children service is the top notch! The ladies that work their always great you with a smile and run that place like Mary Poppins! So efficiently! Need to nurse your baby in privacy, they have a place for you! Need to just feed them without a thousand people walking by, covered! They have child height toilets for those toddlers who are toilet trained, changing tables galore and even a hopper for those who opt for cloth diapers or to rinse a “blowout”! 


They made my stress level non-existent! When I see we are running low on diapers or snacks I don’t stress I just swing by and pick up what I need. It is a great service to have right there off Main St. or in Disney California Adventure right across from Boudin and Ghirardelli. (Tip: Bring cash because they don’t take plastic.)  I can not praise this service enough. When a Cast Member finds a lost child they bring them straight to the Lost Children center. They ask the child if they want to watch a movie, color, or read a book while they locate the lost parent. They are amazing! A wonderful 5-star Disney service to all of us over stressed parents.


To learn more about them please visit: Disneyland Baby Care Center