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Are Back Spasms Stopping You From Living Your Best Life? Help Is Here!

Are back spasms stopping you from living your best life? Help Is Here! There isn’t a person anywhere that hasn’t suffered from one time or another from those dreaded muscle spasms in your back. Whether you wake up in the morning and just can’t move, or it’s the end of a long week of overdoing it, we’ve all been there. Whether it’s from an old sports injury, or too much working in the garden or picking up after the kids, everyone has suffered from back pain at one time or another.

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Ask any kindergarten teacher what they love about their job and we will all tell you the same thing- it’s that unconditional love and joy that comes from working with a classroom filled with smiling faces, ready to learn and take on the world.  When you’re within those four walls, everything is just right with the universe. But with the joys of teaching comes the rigors of teaching and there are just some days after singing and dancing and all of the activities that come with the job, that your body is just not a happy camper. If you’ve ever had muscle spasms in your back, then you know exactly what I’m talking about and when you’re a teacher, let’s face it, you just don’t have time for that. I can remember one particular morning that I bent down to pick up a book I had been reading to the class and the spasms were so intense I could not move-I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t sit back down, and I didn’t want to scare my class, so I tried to make a game out of it and we played walk like your favorite animal all hunched over until I could make my way to a chair.

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The kids loved the game, luckily it was recess time and I decided right then and there, that if I wanted to keep teaching the grade I love, then I needed to find a way to work around the muscle spasms in my back that, sadly as you get older, come more and more frequently. Luckily for me, one of my colleagues had also suffered from years of back issues and what saved her was finding and working with a great physical therapist. It sounds like something so basic and yet, many of us live with excruciating back pain that stops our day to day living when help is so easy to find and close at hand.

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Many people have the mistaken notion that physical therapy is for recovering from serious injuries or even surgery but I can say without hesitation that when you are in the hands of a great physical therapist, they can not only help you to work through common ailments such as lower back pain, minor as well as major injuries, spasms and everything in between but help you to develop a plan to prevent those things from happening in the future. And at the end of the day, it’s all about not just treating the pain but actually fixing the problem and that’s where finding a good physical therapist is so crucial. backpain-physical therapyA great physical therapist will not just fix the immediate issues but will take the time to listen to you and look at your lifestyle as a whole and help you decide the best course of action for you. It is all about finding that right fit that allows you to take and incorporate how you live your daily life, and then educate you on a program designed specifically for you and more importantly, easy to follow because it is all about consistency and sticking with it each and every day. Ideally you want to find a physical therapist that is committed to providing you and every patient that they see the most personal, comprehensive, and individualized skilled physical therapy services and work with you to not only help not just work through the issues that brought you to them in the first place but help to prevent it from returning. It’s also important to find a care partner that offers you a wide array of ways to treat you and with access to a countless number of machines and health equipment,  that will get you on a program that works. When you pair that with the attention and care that a licensed physical therapist has to offer, and even better, many have simple online videos to help you along the way, you’ll have the makings of not just a winning combination put you quickly back on the road to recovery. 

For me, one of the best things I ever did for myself, and one that allowed me to stay in the job that I love, was to take charge and find a great physical therapist who listened to me, but also worked with me to tailor a program that not only could I stick to, but one that would help prevent return visits in the future.

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And if, and when the muscle spasms in my back returned, it was so reassuring to know that I had a team, along with my doctor, that was there to see me through.  Whether you have unresolved sports or work-related injuries, lower back pain, or anything that stops you from living your life to the fullest, before back pain stops you from living the life you want to live, a trained physical therapist can be just the answer you’ve been searching for. Just think of how much better the world will be, when you have someone working with you who are dedicated to teaching you how to get back to a pain-free life enjoying time with family and friends. You’ll be thanking me!