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A Monsters Inc. Style Party Will Help You Scare Up Some Fun

A Monsters Inc.style party just in time for Halloween or birthdays will help you scare up some fun. Looking for a fun and easy to create an experience for your child’s birthday well we have it right here with our complete guide of how to Have A “SCARY” Birthday – Monsters Inc. Style- ROARRRR!

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By the time my son turned 9 we had exhausted every birthday idea we could think of.   Pirates of the Caribbean? Been there? Incredibles? Done that.  Cars? Yup!  So I knew I had to think long and hard.  While pondering my Disney brain I was distracted by the noise coming from my backyard?  Raccoons in the daytime? Alien invasion? Monsters? That’s it? Monsters making scary noises running like crazy in my backyard (which happens to be the keyword – outside in my backyard).  Monsters UniversityGo MU!  I mean who doesn’t want to hang with Mikey and Sulley and attend classes on scare techniques at MU? So now we had to figure out how to bring back the magic and scare up some fun with a Monster’s Inc. style party.Scare Up Some Fun With A Monster's Inc. Style Party

The “Scaring” party planning process began (say that five times fast).  Although I consider myself “crafty” there was a sea of mouse ears and laundry all over my basement from the recent Disney trip so I knew crafty had to go and I had to go for “basic”.   Mike Wazowski, one of my favorite Disney cuties was my inspiration!  I made goodie bags out of green craft bags and I glued on an eye – simple.  I made a playlist of Monsters Inc. Party hits for all the families to keep the celebration going once the party was over. I bought green foam visors at a craft store and put eyes on each!   I purchased paper goods and goodie bag supplies from a local party supply store.Scare Up Some Fun With A Monster's Inc. Style Party Here’s the best part – we had just returned from Disney World a few days prior to my son’s birthday.  Staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort (our favorite) we had a collection of green pails from the food court.  Each kid’s meals come with a bucket and shovel.  We brought all 14 of them home – the kids like the nuggets, just let it be.  I made buckets for all of them to catch the pinata candy and for a game.  I just added the eye with puffy craft paint!  Thank you, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort for the multi-use buckets!

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As for games that were a bit tricky.  I bought plastic white golf balls and put a black dot on each of them for an eye.  I divided the kids into 2 teams Oozma Kappa and Roar Omega Roar.  Placing hula hoops borrowed from work, the kids had a few relay races in which they used a spoon to bring the eyeballs from point “a” to point “b”.  They loved this and I am proud to report that Oozma Kappa were the winners.  Then we had a dance contest and showed our monster moves.

Not the greatest picture but this was the pinata we attached to our treehouse.  I told the kids it was voice-activated and that the loudest scream would open the pinata.  One by one the scare students gave it they’re all with shrills, shrieks, and screams.  Luckily we live in a summer vacation spot so the noise was typical of summer weekend noise.  Okay, maybe not typical.  The pinata was a string pull which is great if your children do love Mikey and don’t want him destroyed by a wooden bat!  PRESTO – the strings, not the voices opened the pinata for all to gather in their handy-dandy CBR bucket!

Now to the food.  Store-bought cake – I’m not that crafty and I made Monsters University pretzel sticks and put together green apples just like the ones sold at Disney.  I also bought clear plastic cups and filled them with green grapes as well. Remember, I kept it simple.

Scare Up Some Fun With A Monster's Inc. Style Party

photo monster1

There are so many ways to incorporate Disney “magic” into any celebration!  Looks like these scary “monsters” had a blast (especially the cutie in the Oozma Kappa shirt!) Its was a SCREAM of a DAY!  How do you scare up some fun? It’s easy with a Monsters Inc. party. Just had monsters and your ready for roarrrrrrring good time.