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7 Easy Tips To Beating Jet Lag The Next Time Your Travel

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Just for you, we have 7 easy tips to beating jet lag the next time you travel. If you’re a frequent traveler then you know all too well that with all of the upsides that come with exploring new places and revisiting favorites also comes the downside of jet lag.

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Whether you’re going to your destination or arriving back home again, the drain your system can feel and the toll it can take on your body is real but by utilizing just a few easy tips you can not only ward off the jet lag but beat it all together. Here’s 7 easy to implement tools that will help you to prevent the effects of jet lag:

7 Easy Tips For Beating Jet Lag Travel Tips

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! This means you should be drinking water before you fly, while you fly and when you land. It also means that you should avoid alcohol and caffeine as much as possible while in transit. Water is your best friend.

Staying Hydrated Drinking Water Jet Lag Travel Tips

2. Shower. Take a shower when you land and whenever possible try to make sure that you moisturize your skin with lotion afterward to help refresh and wake up your body.

Travel Tips Take A Shower Beating Jet Lag

3. Spend time outside when you arrive. This will help your body acclimatize to your new time zone and a breath of fresh air is always the best way to revitalize yourself.

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4. If you have the time, work out the day of your arrival. Exercise will help circulate oxygen through your blood. Even a short walk does a world of good.

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5. Set your watch to the new time before you leave. You want to trick your brain into thinking you are comfortable in your new time. This also means you should never refer to “it’s such and such time back home.” That kind of destroys the trick. Smart Watch Travel Tips Jet Lag

6. No napping … period!  Yes this is much easier said than done but you’ll thank me for it in the long run.  Stay up till your normal bed time. That’s part of the trick as well.

Napping travel tips Jet Lag

7. Avoid caffeine after noon. Your body might be begging you for just a small cup of coffee to help you make it through but at the end of the day, when you’re snug in your bed drifting off to sleep, you’ll be happy that you didn’t give in. Plus think of how great it will taste first thing in the morning when you’re well rested and ready to start the new day.

Cup Of Coffee Travel Tips Jet Lag

Jet lag doesn’t have to go hand in hand with travel. What are your best tips for beating jet lag when you travel?