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5 Types Of Watch Styles

There are several main types of watch styles that each provide different features and looks. This article goes over the basics of each type of style and what helps define them in comparison to the others.5 Types of Watch Styles

Dress Watches

5 Types of Watch Styles

Dress watches fit the epitome of classic watches for men and women by providing a sophisticated accessory that’s meant to complement a formal, dressy outfit. Dress watches come in a variety of case shapes and typically display time on a simplified face, often using minimalist Roman or Arabic numerals. Dress watches are ideal for people who need an elegant addition to a formal outfit. As these watches are usually smaller sized, they can easily slide onto a wrist while wearing long-sleeved button-up shirts or blouses beneath suit jackets.

Race Watches

5 Types of Watch Styles

Race watches come with large dials, a durable case and are generally medium or large sized. As the name implies, racing watches were previously associated with professional drivers who needed watches that displayed a tachymeter and chronograph. These two features are integral to measuring distances and speed in addition to providing high degrees of accuracy when recording time. Racing watches generally have a bold and notable appearance, deviating from the more classic looks that dress watches have.

Field Watches

5 Types of Watch Styles

Field watches are meant for use in the field, providing greater durability than dress watches and generally fewer features than racing watches, dive watches and aviator watches. Field watches are ideal for outdoorsy individuals who want to be able to keep track of time without worrying about their watch being damaged during their time outside.

Aviator Watches

Aviator watches provide an easy to read appearance alongside a more modern look, making them ideal for individuals who want to be able to quickly read their watch regardless of what environment they are in. Aviator watches can have a wide array of appearances but generally focus on features that ensure accurate timekeeping, easy wrist application regardless of outerwear and an easily read face.

Dive Watches


Dive watches are a commonly acquired watch thanks to the smart and sharp appearance they provide alongside the convenient water resistance. Dive watches are generally made from various water-resistant materials such as metal or rubber. Due to the environment that dive watches are made for, these watches come with an easy to read face.

5 Types of Watch Styles

Different watch types provide various unique features and appearances that help set them apart from the others. Consider looking into watches of each type so that you can come prepared with a timepiece for any occasion.