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Week 7-Nutrisystem On The Go- You Can Take It With You #NSNation #ad

One of my favorite parts of being on the Nutrisystem program is how easy it is to take it with me when I’m on the go, and lately I seem to be on the go a lot. But just because I’m not a home, does not mean that the program stops in fact the opposite is true.

Nutrisystem-Take-it With You

Thanks to Nutrisystem and their convenient food, and things like my NuMi app that’s right on my phone, making the right choices for me is as easy as 1-2-3 whether I’m on a cruise, at the Walt Disney World Resort®, and yes even at home or even in my classroom.  Quite simply,Nutrisystem has  simplified weight loss and made it so I don’t have to really even think about it any more-it’s all become second nature to me. I don’t have to decide whether foods will fit my diet. I don’t have to count calories or carbs. For the most part, I don’t have to make sure I’m eating proper portion sizes because they’ve take care of all of that for me.

Nutrisystem On The Go

One of the best discoveries I made since starting with the Nutrisystem eating plan and keeping a busy travel schedule was the perfect solution to taking the food with me- the  6 Pack Fitness bags. If you’re not familiar with this great company, they’ve developed a line of bags and backpacks that allow you to take your food with you no matter where your next journey takes you. Although many of my Nutrisystem meals luckily require no refridgeration at all, for the ones that do, this insulated bag is the perfect solution to keep my pizza and pasta close at hand.


Their Meal Management Bag, which is the one I have, must have been  designed with the principles that I’ve learned from Nutrisystem in mind and have helped me to have the foods I need to continue with eating right, no matter where I am. Now I don’t have to choose which fast food to buy at the airport because my food is always close at hand. Now I can travel with peace of mind with one less thing to think about knowing that I have the food I need to see me through.  Add the fact that I have my easy to use NuMi phone app, and a bottle of water close by,  I’m all set to stay on course.

6 Pack Fitness-Bags

And yes while I may have fallen off the program a little last week, thanks to Nutrisystem I am right back up on the horse and happy to say I’ve lost……drumroll…..another 3 pounds bringing the grand total so far to 18 pounds gone, but more important a healthier, happier me.  


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