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The Hyundai Sonata Eco – Our Review of The Sporty & Family Friendly @Hyundai #DriveHyundai


Thanks to the Hyundai Sonata Eco our Christmas comings and goings were done in style and comfort with our week long test drive of our holiday sleigh courtesy of our friends at Drive Shop USA and of course Hyundai. This sleek and sporty car has all the feel of a luxury car but was perfect for the entire family with room in the back like no other. With a smooth and comfortable ride and the beautiful exterior to the very spacious interior, in a word, this car made all the craziness of the holidays a breeze.



The Hyundai Sonata Eco  has a 185-hp 2.4L GDI 4-cylinder engine or 245-hp 2.0L twin-scroll turbo 4-cylinder engine or 178-hp 1.6LGDI 4-cylinder engine. which includes a 6-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC®. The Drive Mode Select features allowed me to choose from eco, sport, or normal depending on where we were heading to for the day. The gas mileage is rated 24 in town but personally mine was closer to 28 -30 and even more when I took it on a day trip to Sacramento for the day.




Thanks to the built in GPS system this was the first time ever that I did not get lost-not even once- thanks to the voice commands and reminders as well as the display showing a picture that look exactly like where I was at that point in time-right on down to the speed limits and blue arrows showing me which lanes I should be in.


The driver’s seat in the Hyundai Sonata Eco  is a dream to sit in-with a full leather interior and seat warmers plus all of the controls easily accessed from the gas and trunk release to the music and radio controls-which including Sirius FM and of course cruise control and hand’s free Bluetooth for my phone. And I’ll admit it, it’s a little thing, but I really love that music plays when you first get into the car and when you turn off the car. It’s the little things in life.

#DriveHyundai-Keyless Ignition

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have come to love the key-less entry. No more digging through my bottomless purse for my keys. When I approach the car, the door handle illuminates- perfect for those late night last minute holiday shopping trips. The door handle itself has a button directly on the handle that locks and unlocks the car. Finally a car that keeps you from locking your keys in the car. There may or may not have been a night that as I pushed the button on the handle of the car I realized that my key was still in my purse on the passenger seat. Not to worry, the car beeped and did NOT engage the locks! And while I’m talking about features that I love, let’s talk about the Blind Spot Detection2 with Rear Cross-traffic Alert3 and Lane Change Assist4 radar-based system.


Whether you’re trying to navigating the Target parking lot 3 days before Christmas, or driving on the back roads in the fog, or in the big city, I cannot tell you how many times this feature saved me!  The system helps detect when a vehicle is in the driver’s blind spot and provides both an audible and a visual alert to help keep you aware as you move down the road. When reverse gear is selected, Rear Cross-traffic Alert helps identify and warn the driver of vehicles approaching from the side. Lane Change Assist measures the closing speed of an approaching vehicle in the adjacent lane to determine if changing lanes is safe and if it’s not, gives the driver an audible and visual warning. I still can’t back into my parking spot at home, even with this but I’m a lot closer now than I ever was-Thank you for that Hyundai!!


The Sonata comes equipped with the Blue Link System.  You can connect your smart phone to the Blue Link; then unlock your car, remotely start it, turn on the heater or air conditioner and get diagnostic reports!! Have teens in your life that will be driving this car? The Blue Link System will be the answer to your prayers with its ability to set up a geo-fence, curfew times, and speed alerts that will actually notify you if your teen goes outside the parameters that you set up. Where was this when my older kids were all learning how to drive? This incredible system also gives you access emergency roadside assistance, make a service appointment, and the system will notify emergency services if there is an accident. What will they think of next!


The navigation touchscreen display is huge and very user-friendly even for a 5 year old to figure out and work. Whether your activating it with voice command, through the blue tooth connection linking your phone, or just typing into the navigation either a specific address, or just looking for the closest Starbucks, finding where you’re going is a breeze. The backseat also has tons of room with plenty of headroom front and back not to mention anchors for car seats and a center pull down armrest and cup holder and all sorts of storage, which the girls loved. The trunk is huge. With 16.3 cubic feet of space it has more than enough room for the family on the go or as the perfect hiding place for all of the Christmas presents. Need another opinion? Here’s my Junior Car Reviewers Lyssie and Hailey to give you their thoughts.

Lyssie & Hailey’s Hyundai Sonata Review


So let’s review the Hyundai Sonata Eco- the ride is comfortable, plenty of space for all of my stuff, great safety features including seven airbags located on the driver’s knee, driver and front passenger, front seat side-mounted and front and rear curtain airbags, fuel efficient! 28-mpg city, 38-mpg highway, per the EPA. Not convinced? Check out the warranty:

Warranty Hyuandi

Driving this car truly took all the stress of driving during the holiday and made it a carefree and fun experience. With its excellent precision steering, everything at my fingertips, a luxury feel, effortless handling with room and comfort for the entire family we were truly spoiled for the week. But don’t just take my word for it, go out and test drive one for yourself but I have to warn you, once you see for yourself all it has to offer, you’ll wonder how you ever drove anything else.

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Disclosure: I was provided the opportunity to test drive the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco through DriveShop for one week, no compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.