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#WonderLeague Robotics Competition- Let The Coding Begin

Right now all across the country future inventors, creators and dreamers are busily coding Dot and Dash as part of the The Wonder League Robotics Competition. Wonder League’s first ever nationwide Robotics Competition started last month putting the call out to the scientists of the tomorrow and Joey and Jordan leaped at the chance to be a part of the challenge with their Dash & Dot robots!  




And if the fun of programming your very own Dot and Dash wasn’t incentive enough, the #WonderLeague is rewarding the winners with one more reason to join in the competition.  This year’s grand prize is a free STEM Field Trip to California for everyone on the team plus adult chaperones! Kids will get to:

  • Meet artists who work on the Minions at Illumination Entertainment
  • Tour Universal Studios
  • Learn from game makers at EA
  • Present at a Tech Talk to engineers at Google
  • And more

Here’s everything you need to get you on your way! Join in the Wonder League Robotics Competition today!


Welcome to the Robotics Competition!Wonder-Leagues-Robotic-Competion

Teams from around the nation and their Dash & Dot robots will face off to overcome obstacles, solve coding challenges, and have a blast while they’re at it. Your mission is to help Dash make it through space to explore a newly discovered planet and then make it back safely to Earth. 

Not familiar with Dash & Dot robots?  The newest in programable robotics, Dash & Dot open up a whole new world to kids of all ages, all while encouraging the coding and STEM skills needed in the future. With Dash & Dot:

  • Playtime just got smarter with Dash & Dot. Learn to code as you play with your new robot friends.
  • The robots arrive fully assembled and ready to play.
  • Use a supported iPad (iPad 3+, Mini, Air) or Android tablet (see list of devices below) to access free Wonder Workshop apps that control Dash & Dot.
  • Dash & Dot interact with the world using sensors. They can hear sounds, detect objects, and know if you are moving them.
  • Program Dash & Dot to do anything you imagine. Deliver a message to a friend, have a dance party, and even navigate through an obstacle course.
  • #WonderLeague


 But don’t just take our word for it-here’s Joey and Jordan to share their experiences so far:

Stay tuned to see how Joey and Jordan’s Dash and Dot Robots do in the #WonderLeague Robotic Competition but I think you’ll agree, in the eyes of these two, the real prize was in the ability to dream and create.

Disclosure: We were given a Dash and Dot Robotic Kit  for the purposes of this review however all opinions expressed here are our own.